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Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake

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      • Gosh Patisseries Gluten Free Orange and Almond cake is made from whole oranges and plenty of almond flour. Naturally gluten free this is perfect for those following a gluten free diet. This cake is so moist it doesn't require any buttercream. We drizzle with orange icing and scatter with toasted almonds.We can then add your own personal message. Why not add one of our fantastic embellishments. 

        Why not add a few of your own embellishments from our list of decorations, add up to four from our list! 

      • All the decorations are placed around the top circumference of your cake. At the checkout you will able to write your message for the top of your cake.

        Raspberries are fresh and we put 10 on each cake. Berries are fresh and we put 10 on each cake. Mini macarons complement the cakes flavour, we put 5 on each cake. Ivory pearls are sugar pearls in 2 sizes we sprinkle these around the cake. Coloured pearls are sugar pearls in various colours, we sprinkle these around the cake. 100's & 1000's are sprinkled around the cake. Mini butterflies are made from sugar, are pink and white, we scatter these around the cake. Gold and bronze crunchy sprinkles, made of sugar they have a regal look, sprinkled around the cake. Silver stars are made of sugar and get sprinkled around the cake. Hearts are small and red, made of sugar they get placed around the cake. Sugar flowers these can come in various colours but are always small and pretty we put 8 around the cake. White and dark chocolate cigarillos, are 116mm long, we put 12 around the top of the cake. Edible glitter, we use a white sparkle glitter and shake it around the top of your cake.



    • Once we have your order we can start making your cake. We need 2 days to make your cake. We offer free delivery in Brighton and Hove. This cake cannot be shipped but can be collected from our kitchen in Hove or we can deliver it for you. Please have a look at our map to see if we deliver this cake to your area and how much it costs. Once your order has been placed we will contact you to find out when you would like your cake. 

    • Although every care and attention is taken in the Gosh Patisserie kitchen we can not guarantee that any of our products are 100% nut free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, egg free. As all of these ingredients are used in our kitchen


      This cake contains: EGGS - NUTS


      Your choice of decoration will depend on any other additional ingredients. If you need a list of these then please get in touch.