About Us

How Gosh Patisserie Started...

 Joss and Sarah first met in the Terre a Terre kitchen back in the early 2000's.

Joss as the Head Pastry Chef and Sarah the new Commis Chef. They worked together for a over a year but then as you do they both went onto other ventures. 

Fast forward to 2018 and they are back working together! 

Gosh Patisserie was first started by Sarah in 2010, she had worked in kitchens for nearly 10 years by then and was ready to start her own business in the area she loved the most CAKES!  

With success and the arrival of two children it was time to get some help and Joss was her number one choice! They now bake and run the business together, a real collaboration of passion and expertise. Combining the skills they have honed from working in places like The Fat Duck in Bray and the Sydney Opera House! 

" We really do love what we do and creating beautiful and delicious cakes for everyone to enjoy puts big smiles on our faces"

Sarah & Joss


Sarah putting the finishing touches onto a wedding cake