Wedding Cakes

We love making wedding cakes at Gosh Patisserie, they are the most personal of cakes but get eaten by the most people! Knowing where to start when choosing what your perfect wedding cake will be can be tricky here are some ideas....

 Your favourite; flowers, era, hobby, artist, pattern on a personal item, detail at the venue, food, city, clothing designer.

 Anything that inspires you and your partners world. The theme of your wedding will play a part in the look of your cake but don't be scared to try a wacky design or one that really stands out at a more traditional wedding. 

We came up with the idea of a decorate your own wedding cake  so you can get a high quality, delicious wedding cake but then decorate it yourself. Fresh flowers make an delightful choice and can be supplied by your florist alongside your other wedding flowers.

     Have fun, that is what it is all about!